all about the sea
Abyssal creature, photoperformance. Playa 16, Havana, 2013.


Abyssal creature, photoperformance. Havana Vieja, 2013.

The sea in my work is a recurrent and undeniable presence. It is poetic and tragic. Seductive and mysterious.
The sea can be translated as a crossing. Immigrants, refugees, navigate this blue whose luck can be a new beginning or death.
From this poetics I develop installations, interventions, drawings, blue memories. Blue in the blue, pain in the pain, deep in the deep, where I get lost and forget myself.

with your back to the sea, 2020. Photography, wax, letter envelope. dimension: 12x 18cm
we are destined to sail forever. Photography, wax, letter envelope. dimension: 15x 23cm
Not everything was over. Photography, wax, letter envelope. dimension: 15x 23cm
The Rock of Dover. Photography, wax, painting, 2022.
Dimension: 150 x 200 cm
because it is in our eyes that we carry the sea, 2011. Photography and wax.

The sea packet, 2011. wax
Costa Nova beach, Aveiro, Portugal, 2023 Flock of Borrelho-grande-de-coleira ( bird name) 50×60 cm
Her chest was the sea, 2023 150×200
wax, photography, drawing, wool

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