Firefly, 2018

FIREFLY project is the result of two other projects: DERIVA and KHORA, both dealing with immigration. But, FIREFLY goes further in the related questions that had appeared during the research and reaches a broader discussion: the increasing conservatism in the world, violence against the economic minorities, that suffer ethnical preconceptions, of gender. These questions are treated in FIREFLY though a video.

The title of research comes from the texts written by Pasolini between 1941 and 1974. Texts speak dramatically and extremely poetical about the advent of fascism in Italy. These texts were taken up by the philosopher Didi-Huberman in Survival of the fireflies and that I retake as a starting point for the conceptual elaboration of this new stage of research. The videos “Inverted Hell” and “Silence of the night” talks about violence, capitalism and resistance.
Firefly é um projeto resultado de dois outros projetos: DERIVA E KHORA, ambos, tratam da imigração. Todavia, Firefly avança nas questões inerentes que foram surgindo ao longo da pesquisa e alcança um nível de discursão maior: o crescente conservadorismo em todo o mundo, a violência contra as minorias econômicas, que sofrem preconceitos étnicos, de gênero. Estas questões são desenvolvidas em Firefly por meio de vídeo.
O titulo da pesquisa provém dos textos escritos por Pasolini no período de 1941 a 1974. São textos que dissertam de forma dramática e extremamente poética sobre o advento do fascismo na Itália. Tais textos foram retomados pelo filósofo Didi-Huberman em Sobrevivência dos vaga-lumes e que retomo como ponto partida para a elaboração conceitual desta nova etapa da pesquisa. Os vídeos “o inferno invertido” e “o silêncio da noite” falam sobre violência, capitalismo e resistência e angústia.


Trilogia valenciana, 2015


Video art held in 2015 During artist residency in the city of Valencia – Spain Cultural Connection of Brazil – Exchanges /2014-2015, of Ministry of Culture, MINC. The trilogy is divided in colors: white (religion), red (violence) and blue (melancholy) The video addresses the point of view of artist on European culture, its past and the endless problems of immigration and economic crisis in Spain. In the first two videos, the artist appears with a typical mask of Valencia, in the third, the artist is using the costume “fallera” of popular culture and religious of Valencia. The last image was made in the mediterranean sea, witness of conquests and tragedies.

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